Here are some of the projects that I have done over the years:

Coding / Web Development

  • CYMK QR Code Concept: The idea is to combine multiple QR code and blend it together to make a single QR (non-standard) code with 3x the data capacity. Using colour. more
  • Javascript Algorithmic Art Sandbox: Here is a collection of standalone pages (heck you can even download it), where you can create algorithmic art using code more


  • TR_N7 Protocol Analysis: Attempting to Understand and Reverse Engineer the protocol for the TR-N7 XinChang Radio more
  • AD8236 Breakout Board: A breakout pcb board for the surface mount instrumentation operational amplifier chip. more
  • ADXL345 Breakout Board: A breakout pcb board for the surface mount instrumentation operational amplifier chip. more
  • Finding Sequential Items via barcode: Experimental barcode scanner to locate items without databases. more
  • Game Console: Create a game console more
  • Gameboy Camera Extraction Via Arduino: Extract images via arduino script and some javascript more
  • Internet Connectivity Watchdog: Detects loss of internet and resets modem more
  • MiniDP adaptor tear down: Teardown and analysis of a generic Mini Display input Port to vga and hdmi output. more
  • Raspberry Pi Mini AV Display: Teardown and analysis of a car AV display re purposed as a raspberry pi display more
  • Saner AVR Bitfield Headers: To make things easier, I created a quick python script to generate a header file that makes addressing bit fields in AVRs a little easier. more


  • Aussie Tee: Assisted a client with creating a set of T-shirt designs. more
  • EL bag: This was a design exercise for a bag that is both useful from a safety standpoint, environmentally friendly, and is cool to look at. more
  • Logo Designs: Occasionally I do logo design works for others and myself (In addition to flyers, mock-ups, etc... contact me for further examples). more
  • Status Bug: This was a design exercise to tackle the need for some spontaneity in daily situations. more

Business Automation

  • Custom Business Fulfilment System: Automated aspects of order sales for a company. more
  • Investigate styrofoam PLCvacuum: Work out a way to modify the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) routine to change when the vacuum pump should activate. more

Art / Stories

  • Pixel Arts: Pixel Art Gallery more
  • Violet eyes are fine: sci-fi love story about designer babies. more
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