This is a rather old story I written when I was young. I was interested and am still interested in science fiction and the intersection between technology and society. The synopsis is of a boy visiting a genetic author of his genes.

Violet eyes are fine (By Brian Khuu)

My story is based on the future which I though of while debating with a friend, it's purpose was to explore the philosophical dimension of designer babies. This was though the use of a narrative style of writing. My intended audience are people who would enjoy a science-fiction story with a human element.

"The eyes are the window to the soul." Ever since the beginning of man's civilisation, the nature of the soul have always been in question. The very nature of this intangible concept, mean that this issue will continue to be argued upon by academics and philosophers to this very day. Through the ever moving pave of technology such as genetic engineering, new social problems may arise as a result. The experience that could be felt by future generation of children are no different.

The ordinary looking house located near a windy port of the suburb that provided a scenic view of the ocean front. The building being recently modernise are indistinguishable from the other modern buildings, that lined the streets. Despite this extensive renovation, in various places around the house are signs of a distant Victorian past. Along the carefully placed stone steps that lead to a elegantly carved wooden door, sat a young boy. The boy looking at the glimmering sunset reflecting off the ocean, saw a stranger approaching the house. The stranger having recently gotten out of their car proceeded to open the house's gate. It didn't took long for the stranger to notice him.

"What are you doing," she enquires. "I am looking for Nara," the boy replied with youthful rigour looking at the stranger, the boy noticed that she looks to be around her thirties. Inspecting the stranger further from his vantage point, he could see that she was wearing professional clothing. This indicated to him that she was of a City going type, ever trying to keep up with the rapid pace of society. Looking at her, it dawned upon him, that the stranger was the person he was seeking. "My names Nara, what's yours?" The boy replied that his name was Alberto. Almost immediately as he answered the question, he asked if he could have a chat with her. Looking at the child, she agreed, remembering the promise she made a while ago. Taking his hand, she lead Alberto into her house.

The room that they both walked into was both a kitchen as it was a dining room. Poring a glass of cordial, she slid the cup into Alberto's little hand. Looking around it not hard to see what's nice about the room, as it contains a glass dome that stops at the kitchen and encompasses the dining room. It allows for an unobstructed view of the ocean view. Looking at the child, Narra ask about the reason he was here. Alberto replied, "Are you my real mother?" With a laugh she asked how did he got this idea. Alberto explained that ever since he was born, he always wondered why he looked different from his parents. This was especially true of his eye, as he explained that his eyes were bright violet in contrast to his parents brown eyes. This is in contrast to other individuals who are a blend of their parent characteristics.

"I think I could recognise you, even if I have never seen you," mutters Nara. This statement greatly confused him, as he questioned, "How could you recognise me without seeing me?" Becoming flushed with embarrassment he then made his bay to the door. However Nara looking with sympathy said "It because I am a genetic engineer and I was paid by your parents to design you." Spinning around to face her Alberto ask that since she designed him, "doesn't that makes you my mother?" Hearing this she explained that since she doesn't fit the traditional mould of a mother, she can't see how designing him would make her a mother. This is since usually a mother is a person who cares for her children to whome she gave birth to.

He then contend that "Even those who gave their own to a surrogate mother, are still consider mother despite not giving birth to the child." This statement took a while for Nara to ponder. But it wasn't long till she devised an answer. That since she is not a surrogate mother, nor is she caring for him as a mother, she can't really be a mother to him. This lead to a long awkward stare that was only broken by Nara. "Lets get a book from my collection so that we could read it together before you have to come back to your parents." She then lead Alberto out of the room to let him find a book he could enjoy.

After finding a book to read, she got Alberto to sit on her lap while she read him a story. They both were on a comfy sofa within the living room, to whome it can be seen that the sun has finally set. The room only light source was a small table lamp which gave of a orange incandescence glow. After a while, Alberto looked up to Nara. While noticing that she has also a bright violet eyes as well, he asked if she could explained how she designed him. After she explained the process, he found himself interested in what made her choose his eye colour. She explained that his parents chose the color. "Your parents wanted you to have the same coloured eyes as me. Since I wanted to get home early, I simply copied parts of my DNA to you to save time." After saying this she realized the significance of her statement. To which Alberto excitedly exclaimed "Your related to me!" Nervously she said, "Yes your right, but please don't call me a mother." To which he replied, "Don't worry, you could be my sister, I always wanted a sister." After his statement, he hugged his small arms around her. Nara looking around at her many achievements in life, realized what she was missing and said "and you could be my little brother." But he was already asleep, as little did she realized that she soon would do the same with her new found little brother.