Occasionally I do logo design works for others and myself (In addition to flyers, mock-ups, etc... contact me for further examples), you can see some examples below:

These logos are copyrighted and trademarked under it's respective owners. Consult with me for more information.


They wanted a logo that evokes a sense of sophistication but is yet modern at the same time.

Curiosity Bookshop

Was able to restore and improve upon their old logo which was originally only in bitmap and extremely low resolution (thus made the image much more sharper and clearer by vectorizing it).

    • Also designed flyers for Curiosity Bookshop

My Business Found

Client wanted a logo that basically pointed out visually that they make a company easier to find.

Dream Company

Client wanted a logo that reflects his vision of a company in tune with good principles, ethics and a social vision.

A tree is a good candidate, since people sleep under it. And a tree often symbolises the enviroment, of which being in tune and caring for is important to the client.

MNP Media Network Publisher

Client wanted a logo that showed that the company will make your product launch.

Writer's Express

When people think of the word "Express" a particular meaning may pop up as "express train".

Clothes Shopping Online .Com .Au

Pictogram convey meaning quite fast. So might as well point that out visually to the client's visitors.

Melbourne Ancient Re-enactment Society

Client wanted a logo that is based on Celtic design. Thus research was performed to find common Celtic designs that would best match this logo.

Solar Powered Stuff Logo

Straightforward in the sense that we show that the client sells stuff that is based off the sun's energy.

Bean Bags Galore

Nothing too complicated here. Just went for the most obvious visual of bean bags in place of the hole in the letter b.


They are a design firm that aims to be modern contemporary and clean.

RC Cars Galore

Similar client to solar powered stuff. Used the outline of a car and it's antenna to quickly convey the meaning. You'll notice that good recognizable design is based on the outlines of the logo. (e.g. the arches of the Mc Donald logo)


Helped to improve and modernised their logo.


Created a logo for a forum.


Was for an old personal website. Got me into logo design.