Email Server Config Discovery Generator autoconfig.xml

Email Server Config Discovery Generator autoconfig.xml

This page serves as a tool for creating email client configuration files in the XML format.
The generated files adhere to the Mozilla Autoconfiguration ConfigFileFormat, offering a stable and standardized configuration that is compatible with various mail clients.
For more details and support for features like CardDAV, webMail, and others, please refer to the Mozilla Autoconfiguration ConfigFileFormat documentation .
These configurations are utilized by Thunderbird during its auto-discovery process when scanning for domains prefixed with autoconfig.*, enabling seamless setup for email accounts.

Thunderbird looks for the autoconfig.xml file via the domain
If you are a small company, you can place the XML configuration file on your web server. Thunderbird will look for it at the following URL:
(Note: This URL format is not yet finalized and is subject to change.)

%EMAILADDRESS% (full email address of the user, usually entered by the user)
%EMAILLOCALPART% (email address, part before @)
%EMAILDOMAIN% (email address, part after @)
%REALNAME% (needed?)
These placeholders can be used as value or value part in most settings which take a string.
This is most typically used in username for email as sometimes it's just the local part of the email before the @, while in other server the username is the whole email address.

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