Image To Compact Datauri Tool - Granular Mode

Image To Compact Datauri Tool - Granular Mode

Welcome to the Image Adjustment Tool! This tool allows you to apply various adjustments to your images directly within your browser. Here's how to use it:

  • Drag and Drop or Paste: You can drag an image into the designated area or paste an image from your clipboard.
  • Quality: Adjust the quality of the image. Note: This option is available only for JPEG and WEBP formats.
  • Saturation: Modify the image's saturation level to make colors more vivid or more muted.
  • Scaling: Change the scaling to resize the image. This affects the internal resolution without changing the displayed size.
  • Format Selection: Choose between PNG, JPEG, and WEBP formats for the output image.
  • Mode Selection: Select between Standard Resampling and Detail Reduction modes for different types of image processing.
  • Wrap in <img> Tag: Decide whether to output the image as a raw Data URI or wrapped in an HTML image tag.

After adjusting the settings as desired, the processed image will appear below, along with the Data URI if you choose to wrap it in an <img> tag.

Drag and drop an image here or paste it from your clipboard.

    Adjusted Image