New Post Template

Eleventy Blog Post Template Form Tool


Use this tool to quickly generate front matter for your Eleventy blog posts. Fill out the form below with the required information and click "Generate Template".

If you want to include location information, enable the "Enable Geo-Select" checkbox and click on the map to select a location. The address, latitude, and longitude will be filled in automatically.

After generating the template, copy the provided command in the output section and paste it into your terminal. This will create a new markdown file with the front matter.


Originally managing front matter via a command-line interface (CLI), I sought a lean, low-maintenance solution. This tool simplifies front matter generation, especially for posts with location data, and includes conveniences like a date picker for easy date selection.

This tool is for this purpose of having a simple low fat method for generating a new eleventy blog post with the convenience of a geo and date picker.

Was also able to add some reverse address lookup capability from openstreetmaps so that's nice too