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  • CITAQ H10-3 Exploration Log

    Attempt at understanding how CITAQ H10-3 works and is an exploration log of how the SDK and device work because in the future I may want to give a shot at writing an app for it. This doesn't quite fit into the above repository as it is more general notes and timeline of discoveries I found while exploring it and is a bit more disorganized (but is eventually cleaned up and entered into the repository). Still there are other useful notes that cannot be easily transferred and so may be of use to anyone still exploring this device as well so enjoy! read more
  • Updating Root CA Certificates on a very old CITAQ H10 Android Device

    Updating the Root CA certificates of CITAQ H10 so that let's encrypt based website work again. This will also be useful for other very old android devices with root adb access capability as well! read more