Brian Khuu


Brian's is a creator and problem solver.

He loves to work on solutions, collaborating with teams to tackle multidimensional problems on issues pertaining to technology, automation, social justice, and the economy/society.

Along with a foundation in electrical engineering, he has enjoyed adapting and acquiring skills to work on previous projects in business systems automation, coding, design, and product creation.

Brian is currently on the look out for opportunities to work with start-ups or established companies as part of their team. Contact Brian here


Business Automation

  • Custom Business Fulfilment System: Automated aspects of order sales for a company. more
  • Investigate styrofoam PLCvacuum: Work out a way to modify the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) routine to change when the vacuum pump should activate. more


  • CYMK QR Code Concept: The idea is to combine multiple QR code and blend it together to make a single QR (non-standard) code with 3x the data capacity. Using colour. more
  • Javascript Algorithmic Art Sandbox: Here is a collection of standalone pages (heck you can even download it), where you can create algorithmic art using code more
  • Text To Speech Shoutbox: This is an experimental text to speech shoutbox designed to read out loud any new messages it receives. more

Hardware (electronics)

  • TR_N7 Protocol Analysis: Attempting to Understand and Reverse Engineer the protocol for the TR-N7 XinChang Radio more
  • AD8236 Breakout Board: A breakout pcb board for the surface mount instrumentation operational amplifier chip. more
  • ADXL345 Breakout Board: A breakout pcb board for the surface mount instrumentation operational amplifier chip. more
  • Raspberry Pi Mini AV Display: Teardown and analysis of a car AV display re purposed as a raspberry pi display more
  • Finding Sequential Items via barcode: Experimental barcode scanner to locate items without databases. more
  • Game Console: Create a game console more
  • Internet Connectivity Watchdog: Detects loss of internet and resets modem more
  • MiniDP adaptor tear down: Teardown and analysis of a generic Mini Display input Port to vga and hdmi output. more
  • Saner AVR Bitfield Headers: To make things easier, I created a quick python script to generate a header file that makes addressing bit fields in AVRs a little easier. more


  • Aussie Tee: Assisted a client with creating a set of T-shirt designs. more
  • EL bag: This was a design exercise for a bag that is both useful from a safety standpoint, environmentally friendly, and is cool to look at. more
  • Logo Designs: Occasionally I do logo design works for others and myself (In addition to flyers, mock-ups, etc... contact me for further examples). more
  • Status Bug: This was a design exercise to tackle the need for some spontaneity in daily situations. more

Personal Projects Log

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