Here is a parsedownRender.php file for you to easily present your markdown files (e.g. ). Let me know if it was helpful!

	Coder: Brian Khuu
	Purpose: To allow for displaying of .md file transparently to visitors via and mod_rewrite
	Usage: Place this file (parsedownRender.php) in your root directory and add these lines below to your .htaccess file

		<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
		RewriteEngine On
		RewriteCond  %{REQUEST_URI} ^(.*)\.md
		RewriteRule . /parsedownRender.php?css=/css/markdown1.css&file=%{REQUEST_URI} [L]

	$file = "./".$_GET["file"]; // 'file' => /md/
	$css = ( $_GET['css']!="" ) ? htmlspecialchars($_GET['css']) : "/css/style.css";

	function parsedownInclude($f){
		require_once 'Parsedown.php';
		$Parsedown = new Parsedown();
		echo is_readable($f) ? $Parsedown->text(file_get_contents($f)) : "File Not Found: ".htmlspecialchars($f);
	<!DOCTYPE html>
	<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $css ?>" /></head>
	<?php parsedownInclude($file) ?>


Let me know if it helped you!